Connecting an Existing Stripe Account

Connecting a Stripe account for all credit card payments allows you to:

  • Instantly start processing credit card transactions in MassageBook. 
  • Accept prepayment from Clients during online booking. 
  • Accept HSA and FSA cards from Clients. 
  • Sell your Business's Gift Certificates online. 
  • Collect MassageBook Gift Cards as a form payment. 

To connect an existing Stripe account to MassageBook, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Credit Card Payments.
  4. Under Stripe, select to connect for All Payments.
  5. Select Connect with Stripe to open the Payments Terms of Use.
  6. Check I Agree to the Payments Terms of Use
  7. Select Connect with Stripe to open the account activation form. 
  8. Select Sign In in the top right corner to go to the Stripe sign in page. 
  9. Enter your Stripe account's Email
  10. Enter your Stripe account's Password
  11. Select Sign in to your account to go back to the account activation form. Note: If your Stripe account manages multiple accounts, select Switch Account on the activation form to choose which one to connect to MassageBook. 
  12. At the bottom of the form, select Authorize access to this account to complete connecting your existing Stripe account to MassageBook. 

You'll automatically be taken back to the Credit Card Payments section of your Business Profile, and you'll see Connected next to Stripe. 

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