Creating SOAP Notes from Appointments

In order to utilize MassageBook's HIPAA compliant SOAP Notes, you must be connected to a Business Listing with access to the "Clients" tab. You must also download and install the MassageBook Pro app from either the Google Play or App Store:

Link to MassageBook Android App
Link to MassageBook Apple App

Similarly to the desktop version of MassageBook, you can create a SOAP Note directly from the client's record or from an appointment on your schedule. This tutorial will describe creating a note from a client's record. To learn about creating a SOAP Note from a client's record, click here

Creating a SOAP Note from a client's appointment

  1. Login to the MassageBook Pro mobile app.
  2. Select Schedule.

  3. Select the appointment

  4. Select Create SOAP Note

  5. Fill out the required SOAP Note fields.

  6. Select Save and view the completed Note.

  7. View a history of all of the client's SOAP Notes by selecting the SOAP Notes section of the client's record.

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