Creating SOAP Notes from Client Records

In order to utilize MassageBook's HIPAA compliant SOAP Notes, you must be connected to a Business Listing with access to the "Clients" tab. You must also download and install the MassageBook Pro app from either the Google Play or App Store:

Link to MassageBook Android App
Link to MassageBook Apple App

Similarly to the desktop version of MassageBook, you can create a SOAP Note directly from the client's record or from an appointment on your schedule. This tutorial will describe creating a note from a client's record. To learn about creating a SOAP Note from an appointment, click here

Creating a SOAP Note from a client's record

  1. Login to the MassageBook Pro mobile app.
  2. Select Clients.

  3. Search for an existing client or select Add Client to create a new client record.

  4. If this the first SOAP Note for the client, select the Create button next to SOAP Notes. 

    If the client already has a SOAP Note on file, click on the SOAP Notes > button and select New

  5. Fill out the required SOAP Note fields.

  6. Select Save and view the completed Note.

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