December 7, 2017: "New Client Only" Promotions

Is your practice crushing it so far this holiday season?

'Cause we’ve been working hard to make sure this holiday season is a great one for your practice.

So you can laugh your merry little self right on into a record-breaking 2018 with less stress!

We're a perfectionist bunch here.

So we recently dropped a humungous update into MassageBook with the new Promotions feature, but nobody here is kicking their heels up on their desks. 

Because we've been hearing requests to build even more functionality into Promotions.

So we have.

And there's even more to come.

Learn more here!

And if you've been waiting for mobile SOAP notes, we'll be sharing some exciting news next week!

Happy Holidays and may everyone please remember what this time of year is supposed to be about,

- Mark

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