November 15, 2017: Run Promotions on Services and Gift Certificates

My wife and I have two young boys (age 7 and 10).

In addition to being known for consistently making horrible "Dad Jokes", I'm also known for repeatedly drumming some fundamental maxims of success into their spongy young minds.

The one I'm sharing with you today will directly impact how much your massage or bodywork practice will earn over the next six weeks:

"Fail to plan - plan to fail"

What I'm talking about, of course, is creating some compelling promotions and deals on services and (especially) gift certificates that you can then market aggressively during the huge opportunity that presents itself during the holiday season.

MassageBook just released some new features that make the creation of custom promotions and deals for your practice ridiculously easy.

No joke. A few steps and you're done.

Let's review what's new here, and then I encourage you to read an article I just published that will provide you with clear guidelines on how to structure an effective promotion, deal or offer for the upcoming holidays.

Here's to having the best holiday season ever!

- Mark

P.S. - If you're not already using MassageBook, we can get you set up and selling promotions and Gift Certificates online in no time. It's a standing offer - get in touch with us after creating your free account and starting your 30 day full-featured trial. 

What's new:

  • Create and promote deals and discounts for any combination of service(s), staff, and time(s)
  • Create and promote deals and discounts for any Gift Certificate
  • Sell your own pre-made Gift Certificates and Cards with gift code tracking
  • Four new Gift Certificate designs to choose from

Coming up next:

  • MassageBook Pro mobile app - Create SOAP notes directly from your phone
Promotions made simple
We're really excited to share MassageBook's newest feature. Found in the Marketing section of MassageBook, Promotions will allow you to create any number of custom offers, deals and discounts.

And the best part?

It's soooo easy. 

Want to discount a new service only and promote it? Done.

Want to offer clients a deal, but only for services offered by your newest staff member? Done.

Slowest times are Tuesday and Thursday morning between 10:30 and 12:00? Create a deal just available for those times. Easy.

Creating a holiday offer where you want to discount Gift Certificates 20% for a limited time? Click, click, done.

Pro Tip - If you want to sell promotions online and require that they be paid for at the time of online purchase, make sure the "Require pre-payment" setting is turned on in business settings.

If you're looking for inspiration on what types of deals to create for your practice, read this article which walks you through 7 different simple to implement strategies.

Create a Promotion
Knowledge base article: Creating a new promotion
Use your own gift certificates with Gift Code tracking!

Gift certificate sales are an unbelievable and untapped opportunity for most massage and bodywork practices.

We want to change that. 

Just because you're a small, independent practice owner doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to giving franchises and larger spas all the gift certificate business!

With Gift Certificate promotions, it's insanely easy now to drive your clients and visitors to your website to view and purchase your Gift Certificates and deals you're offering on them. 

After creating a promotion, you can get the word out through an email campaign sent through MassageBook, posting a link to the deal page on Facebook, or any other website. 

Then let that promotion do it's wonderful work and sell, sell, sell!
Gift Certificate Tracking
But what if you have your own Gift Certificates printed up already at your check-out counter? What then?

The new Coupon Code / Gift Certificate tracking feature makes selling your own Gift Cards or Certificates easy to. Just enter a unique number during checkout for the certificate and MassageBook will track it for you - it will even be able to be redeemed online by your clients (or it can be redeemed in person).

To do this, simply select the "Create Gift Code" option to enter a unique gift code and an associated dollar value. This unique number can either already be on your pre-made Gift Certificate or Gift Card OR you can simply handwrite the gift code number on the Gift Certificate at the time of sale.
New Gift Gift Certificate Templates Added
Just a little pre-holiday treat for you!

We added some new Gift Certificate templates to the existing collection.
We hope you and your clients enjoy them!
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