Creating a Custom Certificate for a Series

Service Certificates are only available for Services that are in your Service Menu. 

To sell a Gift Certificate for a Series, create a Custom Certificate that is valued at the cost of the Series. When bought, the gift code that's generated will be good for that amount, and the recipient of the Custom Certificate can use it towards purchasing the Series. 

Title and price the Custom Certificate so that it mirrors the Series. 

To create a Custom Certificate for a Series, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile.
  2. Select Marketing.
  3. Select Gift Certificates.
  4. Select Custom Certificates
  5. Select Create New
  6. Enter the Dollar Amount of the Series. The value of the Gift Certificate is determined by the dollar amount entered. 
  7. Enter the Title of the Series. This is how it will display on your public Gift Certificates page. 
  8. Check Active and Online if you want it to be available for online purchase. Check just Active if you only want it to be available for sale through the Cash Register. 
  9. Select Save to create the Custom Certificate for the Series. 

Note: Custom Certificates are purchased online under the Dollar Amount Gift Certificates section of your MassageBook Business Website.

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