Can I correct checked out Appointments?

If you checked out the appointment in error, you will want to re-book the appointment so that you can complete the check out process correctly once the client comes in. Adjust the invoice on the incorrectly checked out appointment by one of the below options. 
At this time, there is not a way to go back into a checked out appointment invoice and add additional payments and/or charges, change the payment date, or change the Payment Method. 
For this reason, we recommend double checking that the appointment details (staff, service, date...etc.) and payment method(s) are all correct before processing payment, as well as checking out appointments the day they are serviced.
However, you do have a few options for what you can do to modify these appointments: 
1. Adjust the total amount by editing the invoice.
2. Refunding a Receipt
3. Change the service appointment date, time, and/or service provider on a checked out appointment: Modifying or deleting a checked out Appointment.  
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