Promotions FAQ's

Can I offer a promotion on Gift Certificates?

YES! Simply select "Gift Certificates" during Step 1 of promotion creation, and all of your active gift certificates will display for your selection. You can offer the discount as a percentage or a dollar amount off.

Can gift certificates be purchased as a bundle?

When you set up a promotion with several gift certificates that apply, you are giving your clients the options in which to choose what gift certificate they want through the promotional discount. After clients purchase a gift certificate, they will see the option to purchase another one. 

How do I run a BOGO promotion on a Service?

Set up a Series in your business' Service Menu to offer BOGO deals. For example, if the promotion is "Buy one Swedish massage and get the second FREE", set up a Series with Swedish massages. List the price at its full value. You'll discount it by 50% when you setup the promotion. 

Can I book a promotion for a client on my business' schedule?

If you would like to book the promotion for the client, you will first need to sell it via the Cash Register as a pre-paid service, then book it. The appointment modal is undergoing a facelift to include the ability to book a promotion directly on the Schedule, but for now, it will need to be sold first, and then scheduled. 

Can I offer a promotion for a specific Staff member only?

Yes! When creating the promotion, you'll be able to specify which Staff members the promotion applies to. This is a great way to fill the schedule of a new Staff member who has recently come on board! 

Can I specify what day or times of day the promoted service can be booked?

Yes! The Promotions feature will allow you to specify what days and times you want to offer the service at the promoted price. Friday afternoons tend to be slow for your business? Get clients on your table by running a promotion that runs from noon to 4:00 only. Clients will see only those available time slots when they go to book their massage!

Can I put a cap on how many promotions I want to sell?

Yes! Step 5 of the promotion wizard allows you to cap the total number of bookings as well as the total number on a given day.

Can I create a promotion for my VIP clients only?

Yes! When you're creating your promotion, opt out of the option to display your promotion on your MassageBook website in Step 5. Only clients with the link to the promotion landing page will be able to book! 

Does the promotion apply to all durations for a service, or can I pick and choose which durations qualify?

You decide! You can choose to run a special on all durations for a service, or specific durations only. For example, you can offer $30 off a 90 minute massage and $20 off a 60 minute. 

Can I sell a promotion via the Cash Register?

Absolutely! Any promotions sold via the Cash Register will be housed on the client's record as a pre-sold service. Click here to learn more about selling promotions in-office. 

Can I customize the color or background of the promotion's landing page?

Coming soon! :)

Can I create my promotion now and schedule it for a future date?

Yes! The promotion page will be available for you to share with your clients but the Book Now button will not display until the date your promotion is scheduled to start! This allows you to market the promotion to clients well in advance. Note: You do not have to turn off a promotion to prevent clients from booking it before it begins. 

What happens to my existing promotions once my Subscription that includes the feature has been canceled?

The feature will be temporarily disabled until you resubscribe to a Subscription Plan that includes the feature. This means the Promotions tab will be removed from your business' public website, and all existing promotion links will display a message to the client that the promotion has ended. The promotion(s) will no longer be available during online booking. Any existing appointment on your schedule will remain. When you resubscribe to a Subscription Plan that includes the feature, your Promotions dashboard, and all previous data, will be reinstated. 


How can I get a link to my promotion once its set up?

From the Promotions dashboard, select the drop-down menu next to the promotion name. Select Copy Promotion Link.

Where do clients go to purchase the promotion?

Depending on how you set up your promotion, clients can view it directly from your business' website during online booking, or only by accessing the direct link. Click here to learn more about how a client purchases a promotion.

I set up my promotion, but I or my Staff do not show available during online booking. Why?

Promotions follows your business' current Online Booking Rules, Pre-payment Rules, Availability, and Staff Settings. This means that if the Staff member would not ordinarily be able available to perform the service during a specific time period due to blocked time, another appointment on the schedule, no availability, a limitation on the number of hours they can work per day, etc. a client will not be able to schedule a promoted service with them during that time slot. 

Can I edit an already saved promotion?

Currently, once a promotion has been fully created and saved, it cannot be edited. This functionality will be present in the next wave of Promotions updates. However, if you exit the the promotion wizard at any point, before you've saved your promotion, your changes will automatically be saved as a draft that can be edited. 

I closed the application before I saved my promotion. Did I lose my work?

No! As long as you made it past step one, your promotion will be saved as a draft. If you navigate away from the promotions wizard after step one and return, you will see a draft on your Promotions dashboard. Any previously created work will still be present. Select the drop-down menu next to the promotion and select Edit to continue working on the promotion.

An emergency has come up for my business, and I need to stop my promotion. Can I do that without deleting it?

Yes. Click here to learn more about stopping and restarting a promotion.

Can I use the promotions feature to set availability for a specific service or staff? 

No. Let's say you have a Swedish massage that you want to be available only on Saturdays. In order to book the promotion, the service has to be online. This means that you have two options for clients: the regular Swedish Massage that can be booked at any time, and then your promo option for the Swedish massage which can be set to only book on Saturday. They is no way to hide the regular Swedish Massage from online booking and make sure clients only book the promotion. 

Availability for a Staff member cannot be added during promotion creation, but you can specify what days and times a service can be booked at the discounted price. 

Can I replicate a promotion like I can a campaign?

Once a promotion has been run, there is not a way to replicate it. You'll need to create a new promotion. 

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