Creating Holiday Specials in MassageBook

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, and with MassageBook's new Promotions feature, you'll have all you need to boost your holiday sales by discounting services AND gift certificates! We've designed this short guide to walk you through a few examples of just how easy it is to offer discounted services and share them with your clients! 

Before you Begin: To use the Promotions feature, you must be subscribed to either the Marketing or Master Subscription Plan. You can make changes to your Subscription Plan by navigating to your business' Settings tab and selecting Plans and Billing

Promotions follows your business' existing online booking and pre-payment rules. If you want cash in your pocket on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, be sure to turn on "Pre-payment Required" in your business' Pre-Payment Rules. 

To get started, head over to your Marketing tab and select Promotions. If you have questions when you're done, visit our Promotions FAQ's

Step 1: Describe your Promotion (Service or Gift Certificate)

Need some ideas? Check out the examples below! 

Single Service and Series Discounts (Most Popular Promotion!)

  • Will you be discounting your entire Service Menu or only specific modalities or durations? Do you have a specific Staff member that you want to promote? You can set up a promotion specifically for their services only so that you can drive new clients to them. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals, you can set up one master promotion and include all of the services and series that qualify with their own respective discounts.  

    • $20 off all 60 min and $30 of all 90 min massages
    • 50% off ALL facials
    • Additional 25% off ALL Swedish Series

Buy One Get One Deals

  • Set up a Series in your business' Service Menu to offer BOGO deals. For example, if the promotion is "Buy one Swedish massage and get the second FREE", set up a Series with Swedish massages. List the price at its full value. You'll discount it by 50% when you setup the promotion. 

Gift Certificate Deals

  • Offer any % or $ off your existing gift certificates. 
  • One is great, but two is better. Consider offering a deal that gets you TWO clients in the door. For example, a custom Gift Certificate titled "Buy a $100 Gift, Get $25 in Store Credit" provides a benefit to the purchaser, as well as the recipient of the gift certificate. You are now seeing two clients as opposed to only seeing the client redeeming the gift certificate.
  • Encourage a client to purchase a gift certificate at the time of their appointment. A promotion titled "Book a massage at 25% off and receive 25% off all gift certificate purchases at the time of your appointment" will ensure that not only do you have a client coming through the door, but they will leave with gifts for their family and friends.
  • If you're offering your own gift certificates for sale in-office, be sure to record the sale in MassageBook using our custom gift certificate code generator

Step 2: Select the Services, Series, or Gift Certificates that apply (example below is a Service Promotion)

Use the drop-down options to choose In-Office or Out-Call, select all applicable durations, and enter the discount as either a percentage or dollar amount. To add multiple services, click + Add service. The service(s) must be both active and online with at least one Staff member assigned to them. 

Step 3: Select the Staff Members whose Services apply for the Promotion (not required for Gift Certificate promotions)

This is a great way to drive clients to a new Staff member who's recently come on board! If you don't see a Staff member listed, ensure they are marked "online" under in your Staff Settings. The Staff member must be granted permission to perform the service either in your Service Menu or Staff Settings. If they are not assigned to the service, no availability will display for the Staff during online booking when that promoted service is selected. 

Step 4: Determine when the promotion will be available for purchase and booking

  • Black Friday or Cyber Monday only
    • For one day only sales, set the start date and end date to one day only. The promotion will be available at 12:00 am and will end at 11:59 pm. 
  • During a specific date range
    • If your holiday sales extend over the entire weekend, modify the date range to include all days the promotion can be purchased.
  • Allow booking of promotions during any available times means that the service can be booked during any available time slot.
  • Restrict promotion booking allows you to choose which days and times the promotion appointment can be scheduled. It can still be purchased any time during the start and end date range, but the service can only be booked for the day(s) and time(s) specified in the filtered results. You must select SAVE next to each custom day / time otherwise your promotion will be available during any available times. 
  • Redeem by Date determines the last possible appointment date for the promotional price. In this example, the promotion applies to any service purchased on Cyber Monday and scheduled before 12/31/18. This is not required for Gift Certificate promotions.

Step 5: Determine who qualifies for the promotion 

  • Select Display promotion on my MassageBook business website if you want to advertise the special publicly. Anyone who meets the criteria defined in your Online Booking Rules can purchase it. If you only want clients with the promotion link to purchase it, leave this checkbox blank. For example, if the Promotion is for clients who have spent X number of dollars or attended X number of appointments, use the Campaigns filter to select the clients, and include a link to the promotion in the campaign. This allows you to create promotions for the general public, as well as your VIP clients.

Lastly, spread the word! 

Each promotion has its own landing page, and while the page will be accessible, the "Book Now" button will not display until the date your promotion begins. 

  1. From the Promotions dashboard, select the drop-down menu next to the promotion name.
  2. Select Copy Promotion Link to share the link on whatever social media channel you choose!

  3. Head over to your Campaigns feature to send an email blast to your clients, alerting them in advance of your holiday specials! If you want to link directly to the promotion, be sure to use one of the "Build Your Own" templates or "Blank Slate" template (at the bottom of the Themes page) to create a button as shown below. Otherwise, use one of our ready-to-go holiday templates with the button included, and clients can select the "Promotions" tab on your MassageBook website. Its important to note that while you cannot change the destination of the button on a pre-designed template, you can change the name from Book Now to whatever you choose. 

  4. Send the campaign just far enough out that they have time to plan, but close enough to the holiday weekend that its fresh in their mind when Thanksgiving weekend rolls around! You can schedule the email campaign to send on a specific date, so we recommend setting up your promotion and email campaign NOW, as to prevent any last minute panic! For tips on how to craft the perfect email campaign, check out this blog post from our archives! 
  5. Be sure to post the promotion on your business' Facebook page or your external website!


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