Google Sync Troubleshooting: Only Some Events Sync

If only some events, or events are missing, from the sync from your Google calendar to MassageBook, please follow the troubleshooting steps laid out here: 


1. On the event in Google, note the calendar name and ensure that it matches the calendar you have synced in MassageBook. If you have multiple calendars set up in Google, it was default the booking to a specific calendar, but the calendar may be different than the one you synced. If the event was booked on a different calendar in Google, edit the appointment and change the calendar. The event will then sync.

2. Observe the events that have not synced from Google to MassageBook and note the following rules for which events sync and which do not: All day events do not sync. Events more than 30 days in the past, or 90 days into the future do not sync. Events that have been shared from another calendar to yours, but without read/write permissions, do not sync.

3. If the event blocks meet the criteria for syncing, please send our team answers to the following questions:

- Have you made any recent changes to your account, such as password change? If so, you'll need to disconnect and reconnect using the new password.
- Which events are not syncing? Please include a screenshot if possible from your Google calendar.
- When did you notice the sync stopped working?
- Is your calendar synced with any other software or third party? If so, which one(s)?
- Is your calendar connected to any other business in MassageBook?
- Where are you booking the appointments from that are not syncing? A mobile device or tablet? If so, which calendar app on your phone or tablet?
- Are the events booked by someone else and then shared with your calendar, or are you booking the events yourself?


If all events are syncing, but they are delayed, please keep in mind that MassageBook's Google Sync feature is constantly running and processing over one million calendar events each day across all MassageBook Google Sync users. The amount of time it takes for events to sync is largely determined by when events are sent from Google to MassageBook, and received by Google from MassageBook. For this reason, events will sync dependent on the type and amount of data being synced at the time your Google event is booked.

If you are concerned about the amount of time it takes for events to sync from Google to MassageBook, our team strongly recommends booking appointments on the MassageBook Pro mobile app, and then syncing your MassageBook calendar with Google so that your Google calendar always shows an up to date schedule.


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