Google Sync Troubleshooting: Events aren't syncing

If no events are syncing at all, perform the following:


1. Sign out of Google completely and navigate to

2. Sign into the account that is associated with the calendar that you book appointments on.

3. On the left hand side, look for the calendar name. If you have multiple calendars, deselect all other calendars so that you are viewing only the events associated with the calendar you book appointments on.

4. In MassageBook, navigate to your Google Sync Settings, and ensure the calendar you have synced matches the calendar that you are booking appointments on.

5. If the calendar you are booking to is not the calendar you have sycned, disconnect and connect to the right calendar.

6. If the calendar synced is the correct calendar, ensure that read/write permissions are enabled for the calendar. Otherwise, Google will not push events to MassageBook.

7. If the permissions are correct, note the following rules for which events sync and which do not: All day events do not sync. Events more than 30 days in the past, or 90 days into the future do not sync. Events that have been shared from another calendar to yours, but without read/write permissions, do not sync. Blocked Time from MassageBook to Google does not sync.

8. If the issue persists, its possible that the Google token required for communication with MassageBook has been revoked. Disconnect the calendar, sign out of Google, and attempt to connect to the calendar again. 


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