Why am I not seeing a Staff available during online booking?

If you believe that your Staff member should be available for a specific appointment time, but is not showing up during online booking, check the following:

  1. Does the Staff member have either Recurring Availability or Modified Availability for the day in question?
  2. Is the Staff member assigned to the service(s) you're attempting to book?
  3. Is the Staff member marked "active" and "online" in your Business' Staff Settings?
  4. Is there blocked time or another appointment on the schedule during that time slot? If no, does the Staff member work for another business that may have them scheduled during that time frame?
  5. If there is availability on the schedule, is it enough time to accommodate the service's prep time, duration, recovery time, and travel time (if the service is out-call)? 
  6. Has the staff member exceeded the number of maximum hours or maximum appointments per day?
  7. Does your business have advance hours notice set up, thereby limiting how soon an appointment can be booked?
  8. Does the business have enough rooms to accommodate the booking? 

If you are still unable to view availability for the Staff member after answering the above questions, contact our Support team via support@massagebook.com or live chat and we'll be happy to assist you! 

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