Stopping and Restarting a Promotion

You can stop an active Promotion in the event that it needs to be paused for whatever reason. 

Visitors to the Promotion's unique page will be notified that it's not currently available and will not be able to book or buy. 

It will also be removed from your MassageBook Business Website if you elected to display it there. 

To stop an active Promotion, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Marketing
  3. Select Promotions
  4. Locate the Promotion you want to stop. 
  5. Select the Option dropdown to expand the menu. 
  6. Select Stop Promotion to take if offline. 

To restart the Promotion:

  1. Select the Option dropdown to expand the menu. 
  2. Select Restart Promotion to make it available online again. 

Visitors to the Promotion's page will be able to book or buy, and it will appear on your MassageBook Business Website (if applicable). 

Alternatively, you can select the Status switch to the left of the Promotion's name to toggle it off and on. 


  • Any previously booked appointments will remain active on the Schedule even if the Promotion is stopped. 
  • Any previously purchased Gift Certificates will remain active and valid even if the Promotion is stopped. 
  • You will no longer be able to sell a Service Promo through the Cash Register if it's stopped, but any previously sold ones will still be available for booking by the Client who purchased it in advance. 
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