Creating a Promotion

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Marketing.
  3. Select Promotions.
  4. Select + Create Promo.
  5. Step 1: Create The Promotions Wizard will display with five simple steps for creating the promotions.

    • Enter a Title for your Promotion that will display publicly on its individual landing page. 
    • Enter a Description of the offer. 

  6. Step 2: Services Stipulate which services are included in the Promotion. Use the drop-down options to choose In-Office or Out-Call, select all applicable durations, and enter the discount as either a percentage or dollar amount. To add multiple services, click + Add service

    • The service(s) must be both active and online with at least one Staff member assigned to them. 

  7. Step 3: Staff Choose the Staff member(s) who are permitted to perform the Promotion.  

    • If you don't see a Staff member listed, ensure they are marked "online" under in your Staff Settings. The Staff member must be granted permission to perform the service either in your Service Menu or Staff Settings. If they are not assigned to the service, no availability will display for the Staff during online booking when that promoted service is selected. 

  8. Step 4: Active Dates and Times Determine when the promotion can be purchased and scheduled. 

    • Start Date and End Date determines the date range that the Promotion can be sold at the discounted rate. Redeem by Date determines the last possible appointment date for the promotional price. In the example below, any 60 minute massage purchased between 11/1/17 to 11/30/17 and scheduled before 12/31/17 will be 30% off. 

    • Allow booking of promotions during any available times means that the service can be booked during any available time slot.
    • Restrict promotion booking allows you to choose which days and times the promotion appointment can be scheduled. It can still be purchased any time during the start and end date range, but the service can only be booked for the day(s) and time(s) specified in the filtered results. You must select SAVE next to each custom day / time otherwise your promotion will be available during any available times. 

  9. Step 5: Summary The final step of the promotion creation process is to determine where you want it displayed, and whether or not there are limitations on how many can be booked per day, or total.

    • Select Display promotion on my MassageBook business website if you want to advertise the special publicly.
    • Don't select the checkbox if you only want clients with the promotion link to purchase it. For example, if the Promotion is for clients who have spent X number of dollars or purchased X number of appointments, use the Campaigns filter to select the clients, and include a link to the promotion in the campaign. 

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