Tracking Referrals for a Rewards and Loyalty Program

Looking for ways to reward Clients who refer other Clients to your Business? Below are some valuable suggestions and popular options!

Add a Promotion to the Referral Thank You Autopilot

Send a Targeted Campaign to Clients Who Have Referred Others

  • Add Client Referral Sources.
  • Create a Promotion specifically for Clients who have referred other Clients.
  • Filter your Clients by Is Referrer to only view Clients who have referred other Clients. 
  • Send an email to the results. 
  • Copy the Promotion's link and add it to the Campaign.
  • Clients who receive the Campaign will have access to and be able to book the Promotion. 

Use Tags to Track How Many People a Client Has Referred

  • Each time a Client refers another, add a Tag with the referrer's name to the referral's record. For example, if Client A refers Client B to your Business, add a Tag titled "Referred by A" to B's record.  
  • The number of Clients per Tag can be viewed in the Clients section of your Business Profile.
  • Add Store Credit to the Client's record once they've referred X amount. The credit can then be applied to future payments with your Business. Note: Store Credit can only be applied by the Business when checking out an appointment. It cannot be applied by the Client during online booking.
  • Or, add Store Credit to their record and then apply the Store Credit to sell a Service to the Client. If a Client has a Service on file in their Credits, it can be booked online by the Client or booked by the Business
  • Send a message to the Client letting them know about their reward.


Need some ideas for how to get other referrals through door?

Activate the Encourage Referrals Autopilot

  • The Encourage Referrals Autopilot lets Clients easily share your MassageBook Business Website with others through email and on Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Update the content to let Clients know about different ways you reward referrals.

Send a Promotion to Clients Who Have Been Referred by Others

  • Filter your Clients to only view recent referrals:
    • Source > of Client > is Client Referral
    • Last time Client visited > was less than > X days ago
    • Times Client has visited > less than > 2 times 
    • Times Client has visited > more than > 0 times
  • Create a Promotion specifically for those Clients. 
  • Copy the Promotion's link and add it to the Campaign.
  • In your message, explain that you're offering a deal to remind them how good the first experience was and that they can share the Promotion with other potential Clients. 


Tips for Collecting Referral Information and Getting the Word Out

  • Add a Service specifically titled for new Clients. In the description, instruct them to add the name of who referred them in the Notes to Provider section of online booking. The note will appear on their appointment block on your Schedule. 
  • Customize your Intake Form and add a question that asks how they heard about your Business.
  • Outline any rewards you offer on the About section of your MassageBook Business Website, or add them to your Booking Confirmations and Appointment Reminders.
  • Ask! If a new Client books online, an icon on their appointment block denotes their status with your Business so that you can easily identify that they're new.
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