How Can I Track Referrals for a Loyalty and Rewards Program?

While we don't have a feature that automatically records loyalties or the number of clients that a particular client has referred, we do have features in our software that allow you to source clients, use marketing tools and more. Below are popular options for tracking client referrals! 

1. Use the "Client Referral" source in the client's record to keep track of where each client heard about you. You can later filter your Client List by "Source / of client is / Client Referral" and you can see who in your Client List has been referred and which client referred them. Please note that you must open the client record to view the referring client's name.

2. Add custom text to the Referral Thank You AutoPilot explaining your loyalty program. This Autopilot automatically send a thank you email to the client who is listed as the referral source in another client's record. You can tailor the text to reflect your offerings. An example would be: "Thank you for referring a client to our business! If you refer X amount of clients, you will receive a free 60 minute service of your choice. Each client referred will receive 10% off their service price".

3. Each time a client refers another, add the referring clients name as a tag. For example: referred by Rachel. Once the client has referred the number of clients required for the loyalty program, you can add Store Credit to their client record then use that credit as payment.

4. For the client who was referred, we suggest creating a Service ("Client Referral Massage") at a discounted rate. If you want the service available for online booking, require the new client to add the name of the client who referred them in the Notes section. Or, you can just discount the regularly priced service during the time of check-out from the Cash Register to reflect the percentage off that the client will receive.

We'll be working on a more detailed referrals report so that you can have this information more readily available, but in the interim, we hope these suggestions help! Stay up to date with our bi-weekly Release Notes so that you'll know when these enhancements are live!


Note: Once a custom Source has been added, it cannot be deleted and will remain available for selection.

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