How Do I Add Staff Who Are Not Service Providers?

All Staff are considered Service Providers. The option to add Staff who is an Administrator, Office Assistance, or Front Desk Receptionist is not available.  

However, you can configure Staff so that they are not available for booking as a Service Provider. 

To set up Staff who is not a Service Provider:

  • Add them to your Business. An invitation will be sent to the Staff’s email address requesting to join your Business on MassageBook. The Staff will then be prompted to create their own account. 
  • Complete the Listing section of the Personal Profile in the Staff's account by navigating to Personal > Listing
    1. Fill in My Details
    2. Add a photo and bio to About. Even though the Staff won't be listed publicly, content of your choosing needs to added to complete the section. 
    3. Add a State License to Licenses & Education. Check I do not have a license and add a reason why. 
    4. Ensure your Business is listed under Places of Work. It should be by default since they were added as Staff to the Business. 
  • Once Listing is complete, ensure the Individual Listing is turned on. Select Individual Listing in the top right corner of their account, and select Yes to toggle it on. 
  • In your Business Owner account, navigate to your Business Profile > Setup > Staff.
  • Once the Staff is no longer Active and Online, turn off their Individual Listing in their account. 

Afterwards, they won't show on your public Staff page, they won't appear in the MassageBook Search Directory, they'll only be able to access the assigned sections in your Business Profile, and you won't be able to select them as a Service Provider when booking on the Schedule.


  • Until the Listing section of the Personal Profile is complete and the Individual Listing is turned on, you'll see "Can't activate until profile is complete" next to that Staff. 
  • Completing Listing is required to in order to be able to deselect Active and Display Online for that Staff. 
  • Once the Individual Listing is turned off again, you'll see "Can't activate until profile is complete" again. Active and Display Online will remain unchecked though. 
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