Why won't SOAP Notes save for me?

If you have ever spent "x" amount of time working on a SOAP Note and when you click Save you notice that all of the details have disappeared, read the following for troubleshooting tips! 

1. Refresh your page.

2. Clear your browser's cache and browsing history. A quick internet search of "how to clear browsing history" will yield great results. 

3. Check to see you are using the updated version of your browser and device (tablet, computer..etc). 

4. If this is a new issue or if it's been happening for a while on your account, contact the Support team at support@massagebook.com.


Do you have multiple devices that you want connected to display changes made? 

MassageBook works in a Live Mode which means any edits to your account will be displayed among any device you log your account into. If you're looking to have your notes appear on more than one device, but in one device it doesn't show the modifications, you will need to refresh the page. Your edits should display after that.


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