Remove Pre-Paid Services from Client Records

To rid of the unwanted pre-paid appointments/ credits on client records, you will want to do the following: 

1. Book the pre-paid appointment(s) on the Schedule. 
2. Cancel the appointment(s) and click "Cancel, no charge".
3. Navigate to the Client Record and select Credits. You will then see the Store Credit amount applied to the account. Note: Store Credit will only be added to a client account if it's a pre-paid appointment. View this tutorial on how to cancel a stand-alone appointment.

View this tutorial for more information on how canceling and refunding Pre-Paid appointments work. 


If you cancel a prepaid appointment, the money is automatically converted to Store Credit to use at a later date. You can then subtract the store credit from the original client and add store credit to the actual recipient's record. You'd then book a new appointment for the recipient, and you can use the added store credit to cover the cost at checkout. The actual credit card charge will still be under the original client's record, but the store credit will take care of the new appointment.

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