May 24, 2017: Staff Scheduler Update + More



Most of the massage therapists I know do some work towards attracting new clients.

Because I'm so curious about the different ways that practice owners approach marketing and growing their businesses, I'm going to be doing some interviews to learn more about what's working and what's not for folks who probably have a lot in common with you. (I'll be sharing the interviews after I complete them, not to worry!)

One thing I've found to always hold true is this:

It's way too easy to get stuck in a rut doing the same thing. Mixing things up and always trying new approaches leads to new discoveries and better long term results.

MassageBook is the perfect platform to run experiments with, and in the next couple of months, we'll share some new ideas that will be sure to inspire you.

Stay tuned!


What's new this release
  • Staff scheduler location and colors update
  • Better new client accuracy
  • Physical Therapy service category added to service setup

What we're working on:
  • The new Promotions feature
  • Behind the scenes engineering wizardry required to build the next generation of awesome features
What's new this release:
Staff Scheduler location and colors update
The new schedule design has gotten rave reviews ever since it made its first appearance.

In addition, the ability to color-code appointments by staff or service on the schedule allows one to quickly make sense of busy schedules.

Now we've extended the same staff color coding to the staff availability scheduler and have placed it in the Business Settings section of MassageBook. (For now, we left a copy of the staff scheduler in its original location as well, so as not to confuse anyone)

Now setting up and maintaining staff schedules for in office and outcalls is even clearer than before!
More accurate tracking of new clients

Here's what sometimes happened:

You have an existing client, and they're in your client database. But you either didn't get their email address exactly right, or it's missing.

That client then books online for the first time, and they get marked as a "new client", because the email address they gave when booking online was different than what's shown in their client details.  

Here's the fix: As shown above, we added a checkbox during the online booking flow asking the client whether they've been to see you before. 

By letting the client booking online select whether they're new or not, we avoid any confusion about whether they're new or not!

* Note: If a client booking online has a matching email in your client records, this checkbox will not be displayed, as we already know they're an existing client.

Mobile app video tour

Still haven't taken a look at the new-ish MassageBook mobile app?

Here's a short video tour to give you an idea of how it works and can help streamline the day to day management of your practice!

You'll find the "MassageBook Pro" mobile app available for free in the iTunes and Android app stores.
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