May 9, 2017: American Express and Card Processing Rates


Just wanted to send you a quick reminder in case you missed last week's announcement around some changes coming next Tuesday, May 16th.

First, you'll be able to accept American Express cards. This is in addition to Visa / Mastercard / Discover / and FSA and HSA cards that are accepted now.

Second, American Express card processing rates and non-swiped card rates are changing slightly.

Read below for details and answers to common questions.

Lastly, please know that there's nothing you need to do. These changes will happen automatically come next Tuesday.

Clients can pay with American Express cards 
and new non-swipe rates 

(Read carefully please!)

Here's what happens on May 16th:

1) You can begin accepting any and all American Express cards in addition to the currently supported cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and HSA(Health Saving account) and FSA(Flexible Spending Account) cards.

2) All American Express transactions, whether swiped or manually entered pay 2.9%+.30. (Standard Stripe fees)

3) Swiped transactions for all other cards stay at the existing 2.75%. (No change)

4) Non-swiped (manually entered) cards will receive Stripe's standard pricing of 2.9%+.30 as of May 16. (up from 2.75% currently)

Why the change in card processing fees for manually entered cards?

We've been paying the extra fees for "Card not Present" or manually entered cards for MassageBookers for quite some time while we've been building easy card swiping solutions for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Now that we have solid card swiping solutions in place, we're going to stop subsidizing these fees for our members.

What can I do to keep my card processing rates as low as possible?

Simply swipe cards instead of manually entering them whenever possible. And keep in mind, the difference is not huge - you'll save $0.39 cents for a $60 transaction when you swipe vs. enter a card manually.

Where can I get card swipers/readers that work with MassageBook?

Many of you have already purchased a card reader in the iKnead store found in MassageBook. If you haven't received one yet, and would like to purchase either a USB connected card reader for your desktop or laptop computer OR a Bluetooth connected reader for your mobile phone, simply sign in to your MassageBook account and navigate to the "Shop" tab. Both card readers are available at $29.99 each.

Be sure to apply your points balance during checkout to discount the selling price!
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