May 4, 2017: Drawing On SOAP Notes

If I were to ask a thousand different practice owners how difficult it was getting started and growing their practice, I'm pretty confident less than ten would say it was pretty easy.

The fact of the matter is that the act of creation is exceedingly difficult. That's why many give up.

But what do those that succeed have in common? What can we learn from them?

After 30 years in business, I've experienced a thing or two. I've also met a variety of successful (and not so successful) individuals. Here, in no particular order, are what I consider to be among the top things needed for success.

1) Truly have a passion for what you do.
If you need someone to motivate you, you're in the wrong occupation.  It's your core enthusiasm for what you do and why you do it that will get you through the challenging times - without going through the repetitive soul-sucking internal debate of "should I or shouldn't I keep going down this road". You truly can't imagine doing something else.

2) Work Hard. 
If everyone else is working 40 hours a week and you work 80 hours a week, you'll be a year ahead of them in 12 months. Good things don't typically just "happen" - they're the result of consistent and concentrated effort. YOU have the power to make good things happen. Effort is the great equalizer. Feel like an underdog? In many cases you can defeat bigger and smarter with effort.  It's just that working really hard is, well - really hard. That's why most don't do it.

3) Be Independent, Be Creative. 
No one's going to be able to give you the perfect recipe for success. You can follow broad guidelines, but you'll still need to figure out a lot on your own - and put it into practice.  Sometimes the answer you're looking for just isn't out there. Many times the solution isn't straightforward. That's ok. Try something. Fall on your face. Learn from it. Repeat. Find a way. You'll be amazed at what happens over time.

4) Believe with absolute conviction. Own it.
Think and act as if you can't fail. Every setback is temporary. Others telling you what you're doing doesn't make any sense or starting to doubt your ability? Ignore them with confidence. We allow great things to happen when we don't listen to others' doubts. (That doesn't mean ignore other people's advice necessarily - it just means make you should make up your own mind.)

5) Give it time. 
Good, meaningful things take time to create. Don't make the mistake of expecting things to work out brilliantly in a flash. It takes serious time to become great at something. Five to ten years should not be an unreasonable expectation. Growing a solid business is a marathon - not a sprint. 

In my experience, those that exhibit these qualities have an exceedingly high probability of success - in whatever they choose to do.  

Have a story of overcoming obstacles while growing your practice?  Please email them to me. I'll compile and share them with other bodyworkers who can learn and be inspired by you.

Make great things happen,

- Mark

P.S. - We have some changes coming up on card processing for manually entered transactions on Tuesday May 16th. Please read the section on American Express cards below.

What's new this release
  • Drawing on anatomical images in SOAP notes!
  • Mobile app improvements
  • Several small usability improvements

What we're working on:
  • Accepting American Express Cards
  • Rate change for non-swiped credit card transactions
  • An amazing new Promotions feature
  • Not so obvious, double-secret surprise that many will be sure to appreciate
What's new this release:
Draw on Premium SOAP notes
It's live!  We know many of you will be delighted to be able to have the ability to draw on SOAP notes now.

With a color picker, line thickness picker and more, you'll be able to mark up any anatomical image however you like.

All images are saved and can serve as a quick visual reference that communicates the information you need to know about your clients at a glance!

*Notating the anatomical images and drawing on them is a Premium-only SOAP notes feature available to subscribers of the Clinical Pricing Plan or the Master Pricing Plan.

Accept American Express cards beginning May 16
and new non-swipe rates become effective

(Read carefully please!)

We're happy to announce that you're less than two weeks away from accepting American Express cards in MassageBook. 

Here's what happens on May 16th:

1) You can begin accepting any and all American Express cards in addition to the currently supported cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and HSA(Health Saving account) and FSA(Flexible Spending Account) cards.

2) All American Express transactions, whether swiped or manually entered pay 2.9%+.30. (Standard Stripe fees)

3) Swiped transactions for all other cards stay at the existing 2.75%. (No change)

4) Non-swiped (manually entered) cards will receive Stripe's standard pricing of 2.9%+.30 as of May 16. (up from 2.75% currently)

Why the change in card processing fees for manually entered cards?

We've been paying the extra fees for "Card not Present" or manually entered cards for MassageBookers for quite some time while we've been building easy card swiping solutions for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Now that we have solid card swiping solutions in place, we're going to stop subsidizing these fees for our members.

What can I do to keep my card processing rates as low as possible?

Simply swipe cards instead of manually entering them whenever possible. And keep in mind, the difference is not huge - you'll save $0.39 cents for a $60 transaction when you swipe vs. enter a card manually.

Where can I get card swipers/readers that work with MassageBook?

Many of you have already purchased a card reader in the iKnead store found in MassageBook. If you haven't and would like to purchase either a USB connected card reader for your desktop or laptop computer OR a Bluetooth connected reader for your mobile phone, simply sign in to your MassageBook account and navigate to the "Shop" tab. Both card readers are available at $29.99 each.

Be sure to apply your points balance during checkout to discount the selling price!
Buy Card Readers

Mobile app video tour

If you haven't experienced the new mobile app and are curious about how it can help you get through the day with less effort, here's a short video tour.
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