Viewing Product sales

Products in MassageBook refer to any items that you sell to a client that are not tied to your Service Menu or Gift Certificates Menu. In addition to items such as lotions and oils, selling a Product via the Cash Register could also be a means of redeeming an unused Gift Certificate, taking a deposit for insurance payment, etc. Products are not tied to appointments on your Schedule, and therefore are not designated to a specific Staff Member. An invoice is generated for all Products sold and that invoice is tied to a specific client's record. 

To view income generated from the sale of Products, use the Income by Payment Type report found in your business' Sales section. Products are listed in the Service field. You will want to export your report and sort by Product category for the best results. 

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Sales.
  3. Select Reports.
  4. Select Income by Payment Type.
  5. Enter the date range for the period that you want to report on. 
  6. To view appointments paid for with a specific payment type only, use the Filter tool and choose the payment method from the drop-down. 
  7. Use the Print option to the far right to print the report, or select Export to download a CSV spreadsheet of the data and sort the data however you would like. 


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