Viewing Stripe Payouts and Deposits

Stripe offers a comprehensive payouts report that records when your past credit card payments were deposited, which funds are in transit, and when you can expect upcoming money to arrive in your bank account. 

To view payouts in Stripe:

  1. Sign in to your Stripe account to open your Dashboard.  
  2. Select Home
  3. Select Balance to view what's on the way to your bank and estimated future payouts. 
  4. Select Payouts to view deposit history. 


  • Your first payment can take between 7 - 10 days to deposit. This allows Stripe to verify your connected bank account and to mitigate the risks of providing credit services.
  • Client information is not sent from MassageBook to Stripe. Payouts only displays the payment amount and date, but the chronological order of those payments matches what's stored in the Sales section of your Business Profile. 
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