March 16, 2017: New Mobile Apps to be Released Late Friday

Coming Friday
New MassageBook mobile native apps to be released late Friday.
With our newest version, your phone is all you need to
  • manage your availability
  • create new appointments 
  • check out clients
  • accept credit cards
  • view clients details like SOAP notes and intake form items
  • receive scheduling activity
Just because we're releasing a major improvement with new features doesn't mean we're stopping work on the mobile app! In fact, we're already working on, or have planned the following added features that will be rolled out in the coming months:
  • Creating SOAP notes on mobile
  • Sending/re-sending intake forms to clients for them to complete online
  • Selling Gift Certificates on mobile
  • Push notifications
Come Friday evening, the new MassageBook mobile app will be released in both the Apple and Google app stores.

If you already have the MassageBook Pro app installed on your phone, it should update automatically and you'll be greeted by the new design and great new features the next time you log in.

If you don't have the free MassageBook mobile app installed yet, you can find the Android version here, and the Apple iphone version here. (You'll still need to set up a free MassageBook account from a laptop, desktop or tablet computer with your services first before you can effectively use the mobile app)

We're releasing this major update late Friday so that you'll have the weekend to get used to the updated design and can hit the ground running Monday morning!

If the feedback we've received from folks who have been using the web based version for a few weeks now is any indication, you're going to love it!
Card swiping using the mobile app
The mobile app supports card swiping and accepting tips along with a customer signature - just like Square does. The advantage of using the MassageBook card reader/swiper is that all financial transactions will be automatically recorded and tied to your client's details in MassageBook. This simplifies things dramatically as all your client records, including booking activity, payment history, SOAP notes, intake forms, and more are all located in one easy to find place in MassageBook.

If you'd like to purchase a card reader for your mobile device, you can do so in the iKnead store located in MassageBook. The readers cost $29.99, but be sure to apply your points during checkout and save!
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