Criteria for the Referral Thank You Autopilot

If your client has referred someone else to your business, and thus you have selected their name as the referral "Source", an automated email will be sent to the client within one day thanking them for their referral. This email is sent one time only per client based on the first time their name is selected as a the referring Source. The email sends once the client's name is added to the Source field.

To learn more about adding a client as the referring source, click here.

Please note that this email will also send to clients who were listed as a referral source prior to enabling the Autopilot.

  • Your business must be on Subscription plan that includes Autopilot Pro.
  • An email address must be listed in the Client Details section of the client's record, found in your Client List
  • A client's name from your Client List must be listed in the Referral section of a client's record.

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