Manually adding a photo a client's record

If enabled, MassageBook's Client Photo Wizard automatically pulls a photo associated with your client's email address. If the client does not have an email address on file, if no photo exists, or if you do not care for the photo that populates via the Client Photo Wizard, you can upload a photo to the client's record manually.

In order to upload a photo, you'll need to copy the image's URL. If you are copying a photo from somewhere on the web (Facebook, an email, a website, etc.), right click on the photo and select "Copy Image URL". If you are using a photo that is on your computer, you'll want to create a URL for it by uploading it to a photo hosting site, such as or

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Clients.
  3. Locate the client in your Client List.
  4. Click on the image icon.

  5. Paste the URL for the image. 
  6. Select Submit.

  7. The photo now displays in your Client List.

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