How Do I Book Couples Massage?

MassageBook does not offer online booking for couples massage.

Online booking assigns one Client, one Service, and one Service Provider per appointment. 

You can book as many simultaneous appointments on the Schedule as needed though.   

  • Add a Service to your Service Menu specifically for couples massage. 
  • Choose to price it at the full cost of the couples massage, or price it at the cost per Client. Your selection will depend on how you choose to check out the appointments. More information below. 
  • Deselect Online on the Service Menu so that it's not available for online booking. Note: If a Service isn't Online then it will not show on your public Services page. If you want it to show publicly, select both Active and Online; however, the Service will be available for online booking for one Client and one Service Provider if it's in that state. Include in the Service description that the Client must contact the Business directly in order to book. 
  • Book Client A with Service Provider A and Client B with Service Provider B for the same time on the Schedule. 
  • If priced at the full cost of the couples massage, check out Client A at the full cost. When checking out Client B, apply a 100% discount since the full payment is being collected from Client A. Or, apply a 50% discount when checking out Client A and Client B. 
  • If priced at the cost per Client, check out Client A and Client B like normal. Note: Each appointment must be checked out separately. Both appointments cannot be checked out at the same time. For more information about checking out multiple clients at once, click here.
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