Tracking recurring client Subscriptions in MassageBook

While MassageBook does not currently store credit card numbers on file, you can store this information directly in your Stripe account in order to create a recurring payment for a client. To learn about setting up a Subscription Plan for clients in Stripe, click here. To learn how to account for these Subscriptions in MassageBook, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a Series that directly corresponds with your Subscription Plan, for example: Silver Membership Package Clients. Set the cost for the Series so that it matches the FIRST payment that the client will be paying. Set the number of appointments in the Series to match the number of payments the client will be making as part of that plan. For example, if the subscription is good for 6 services, set the quantity in the Series to 6. 
  2. Schedule the first appointment in the Series. The client can do this via online booking, or the business can select the Service when booking the appointment on the business Schedule.
  3. Each time the client books or you book the client, the number of appointment remaining in their Series will reduce by one. Once the Series is used up, you will know it is time to renew their membership. To learn more about how a client can book a Series appointment online, click here.
  4. Each month when payment is due, sell a Product from the Cash Register to the client, and title it “Membership Payment”. You can do this on the same day of the month that the client’s credit card is automatically charged in Stripe. 
  5. Tag clients in the Client List with a special tag so that you can easily keep track of all membership clients in one place. This allows you to send targeted email campaigns to them or view them all at a glance. 
  6. Put an asterisk or note in the Client Details so that you can see quickly from the appointment modal that they are on a membership plan. Notes will appear each time the client is scheduled.

Your clients Booking and Accounting Activity will be accurate, your Sales Activity will record the date of payment received correctly, and you will be able to keep track of when a client needs to renew their subscription based on their payment schedule. 

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