Recording Stripe Subscriptions in MassageBook

Payments created in Stripe are not automatically recorded in MassageBook. If you've created a subscription for a Client in Stripe, you can manually record the Client's payment and add their credit in MassageBook. 

In Stripe, select Home > Billing > Invoices to a view a list of paid subscriptions.

Once you've received payment for a subscription in Stripe: 

  • Go to MassageBook and create a Service or Series in your Service Menu specifically for the subscription. 
  • Go to the Cash Register and sell the Service or Series to the Client. 
  • When choosing a payment method, select Other to enter a description of your choice (e.g., Stripe Subscription Payment) so that you can complete checkout. A receipt will be added to your Sales and to the Account section of the Client's record. 
  • A Service or Series sold through the Cash Register is stored in the Credits section of the Client's record for booking now or a later date. You can book available credits on the Schedule, and Clients can book them online. 
  • Add a reminder to the Notes section of the Client's record if you wish to record any additional details about the Client's subscription. 
  • Repeat each time a Client's subscription renews.
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