How do I delete my account or place it on hold?

If you need to temporarily disable your account for an indefinite period of time due to an extended period of absence, or changes in your business, you can disable your current settings so that only you have access to your business. This allows you to maintain your reviews, client data, sales information, etc. without displaying publicly to clients in our Search Directory.

  1. Take your Personal and Business websites offline by select the modal for each.

  2. Turn online booking and request appointment OFF in your business' Online Booking Rules settings so that clients with your website address cannot book or request appointments.
  3. Disconnect your Stripe account in your business' Payments settings.

  4. Cancel your current Subscription in your business' Plans and Billing section so that your card does not continue to be charged while you are not using MassageBook.
  5. Remove Staff permissions if you do not wish for Staff to be able to login and interact with your business account. 
  6. If you're on the Marketing or Master Plan, turn off Autopilots by selecting the green button once. The button will change to orange, and Running will change to Paused.Screen_Shot_2018-02-13_at_3.23.55_PM.png

In order to remove your Personal website from altogether and unsubscribe from email lists, please send an email with your request to our Support Team at Be sure to email us from the email address that is associated with your MassageBook account!

In your email, please elaborate on the reason behind your cancellation. Our team here knows that choosing a software provider can take a great deal of time and energy, so we absolutely want to ensure that we explore any opportunity to better serve you. 

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