Handling Groupon clients

You can easily account for Groupon payments in MassageBook!

Add a service to your Service Menu named "Groupon Customers Only" or similar. Set the price to $0 since it has been paid for already. Note: Leave the service "offline" if you don't want it to be booked online.

Clients will be able to book this service without paying, even if you require pre-payment. When you check the client out, use the payment type "Other" and indicate the Groupon voucher code.

When selling your Services on Groupon, be sure to include a link to your MassageBook business website so that clients can book directly from their voucher. The code to use can be found in the Business Details section of your MassageBook account.

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Select Business Details.
  4. Find the address in the section titled MassageBook business website address. Be sure to include the "biz" portion so that you do not incur any new client referral fees! 
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