Replicating a Campaign

You have the ability to resend a copy of a Campaign. When you replicate one, the template, recipients, and design will be the same as the original, but you can edit each as needed before sending the updated version. 

To replicate a Campaign, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Marketing to open Campaigns. 
  3. Under the Sent tab, locate the Campaign you want to resend. 
  4. Select Replicate to open the Design step. 
  5. Update the Design step as needed. Note: Choose Select Template or Recipients to update those steps as well. 
  6. Select Save & Next to proceed to the Schedule step. 
  7. Select Send Immediately. 
  8. Check I have reviewed the content and have verified it is accurate
  9. Select Finish to resend the Campaign.

Afterwards, you'll be returned to the main page of the Campaigns section, and the new version will appear under the Sent tab. 

Note: The internal name for the Campaign will be the same for both the original and new copy. To distinguish between the two, you can update the title for the new one on the Recipients step. 

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