Understanding Rooms

By default, Room 1 is added to Setup. You can add additional Rooms if your office has more than one. 

The amount of Rooms you add determines how many simultaneous appointments can be booked online by Clients. This means that if you and another Service Provider share a Room, once one of you is booked, the other will not be available for online booking during any part of the existing appointment time. 

Capacity is for internal use only and does not affect online booking. In the above example, even if the Room's capacity is two, only one appointment can be booked online by a Client at that time. 

Services are not and cannot be assigned to Rooms at this time. When a Client is booking online, MassageBook is simply looking for an available Room. 

You have full control when booking an appointment on the Schedule, however, Outcall appointments are automatically assigned to the first Room created in your account. To change the default Room assigned to an Outcall appointment, open up the Rooms view of your Business Schedule, then click and drag the appointment into another Room. 

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