What Happens When a Client Pays Online?

When a Client prepays for an appointment at the end of online booking or purchases a Gift Certificate online, their credit card is charged immediately, and the funds are automatically sent to your connected bank account.

If a Client books and prepays for an appointment:

  • You'll receive a new booking notification via email and text (if enabled). Note: Prepayment is not indicated in these notifications. 
  • A Prepaid icon will show on the appointment block on the Schedule (desktop and mobile). 
  • A Prepaid icon will show next to the appointment in the Notifications section of MassageBook Mobile. 
  • The total due will be $0 when checking out. 

If a Client purchases a Gift Certificate online:

  • You'll receive a purchase notification via email and text (if enabled). 
  • The sale will show under Marketing > Gift Certificates > Activity and Sales > Reports > Gift Certificates.

After a Client pays online, a receipt is generated and added to the Sales section of your Business Profile and the Account section of the Client's record. A clock icon will appear next to the amount to indicate that the payment is processing. Once the funds have deposited, the clock will update to a checkmark. 

By default, funds should deposit into your bank account within two business days, but times can vary depending on the time of day the card is charged. To learn how to view when money is expected to deposit, go here

Note: Because Stripe has to send the information back to MassageBook, it's possible for the clock icon to still show even though you've already received the deposit.

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