What happens when a client pre-pays for their appointment?

When a client pre-pays for their appointment at the time of booking or purchases a gift certificate, their credit card is charged immediately and the funds are sent to your bank for processing. If the client booked an appointment, you'll receive an appointment booking notice via email and text (if enabled) with a note that the client pre-paid online with a credit card. If the client purchased a gift certificate, you'll also receive an email notification and text notification (if enabled) alerting you of the sale.

On the desktop view of you Schedule, a '$' indicator will appear on the appointment, letting you know that it was paid for in advance. On mobile, the appointment will be listed under your alerts section and will have PAID next to it. When you go to check out the appointment, a PAID banner will be also be displayed.

By default, funds will deposit into your bank account within two business days. As soon as the client pays, an invoice is generated in your business' Sales Activity and a 'clock' icon appears next to the amount. This indicates that the funds are in process. Once they've been deposited into your account, the clock will change to a green check-mark.

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