Why do I see the message "So sorry! The selected service is booked for the next 120 days"?

The message "So sorry! The selected service is booked for the next 120 days" displays when there is no availability for the selected service to be scheduled within 120 days. If you do not have an available time-slot for 120 days where an appointment can be scheduled, open up just one individual appointment block (use our Modified Availability feature!) and the query will reset, allowing clients to book up to one year.

If this message is displaying for one or more services, but you DO indeed have availability, double check the following:

  1. Ensure that your Availability is set up and that it can accommodate the Prep Time, Duration, and Recovery Time for the service. For example: If you have your availability set up in 60 minute blocks, but your 60 minute service has 10 minutes of Prep Time, your client will not be able to schedule the service because 70 minutes of availability is needed. You can modify your Availability by going to you Personal tab > Availability).
  2. Ensure that both your Personal and Business Listing are set to "On".
  3. Ensure that you and / or your Staff have their profiles marked as "Active" and "Online" in your business' Staff section. 
  4. Ensure that you do not have recurring blocked time set up on your Personal Schedule that would prevent a client from booking. 
  5. If your Availability is set to Outcall, ensure that you have an Traveling Services Menu set up, and vice versa. If a an account has two businesses and one only has traveling services, they cannot have on call availability only. They must have out-call set up under that business that only offers traveling services. 
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