How Can I Manage Insurance Billing and Payments?

While MassageBook does not have an insurance billing feature, there are options that will allow you to accurately record and track insurance payments: 

  1. Check out the first appointment and apply a discount based on what the client is paying to reduce the total amount due. For example, if the amount of the Service is $100, and the client is paying $20 at the time of the appointment, add a discount of $80. 
  2. Add an appointment reminder to the Client's record for record keeping. You can include things such as how much they've paid and how much is owed. The alert will display on all future appointments for the Client until it's removed. 
  3. Once the insurance payment is received, sell a Product through the Cash Register. Title it appropriately and enter the amount received. For example, Insurance Payment - Client Name - Date of Service. We recommend creating a Client titled Insurance Payments so that you can track all payments under one record. Alternatively, you can record the specific payment on a per Client basis as well. 
  4. If you create an Insurance Payment Client, use the Notes section in its record to keep track of outstanding payments that are due. 

Additionally, the following is included on all insurance billing receipts in the event that the Client needs to submit one: 

  • Service Date and Time
  • Service Provider's Name
  • Service Provider's State License Number
  • Service Provider's Unique NPI Number

Note: This process can also be done in reverse if you prefer to track which appointments have not been paid in full. In that case, sell the Product at the time of the appointment instead to record the initial payment. Once the insurance payment is received, check out the appointment at the discounted rate. 

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