Canceling and refunding Pre-Paid appointments

If a client paid for their appointment at the time of booking, and the client cancels the appointment via their account, the appointment cost will be placed on their account in the form of Store Credit and can be applied to a future appointment. Canceling an appointment does not automatically refund the credit card that was charged. The client will see the message below when they cancel an appointment they've already paid for.

If you or a Staff member are canceling the appointment, you will see an option to Cancel, charge (no Store Credit will be issued), or to Cancel, no charge (Store Credit will be issued). 

If you choose to refund the credit card that was used to pay for the appointment, you will want to select Cancel, charge so that no Store Credit is placed on the client's account. You can reduce Store Credit at any time via the client's Account tab, should you choose to later refund the transaction after Store Credit has been applied. You can refund the credit card charged by locating the invoice in your Sales Activity

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