How Do I Remove HTML Code from the About Page?

Are you seeing code display on the public About page of your MassageBook Business Website? This can occur if you copy text from an outside source and paste it into the About section of your Business Profile. 

To remove the code and to ensure your text displays properly, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select About
  4. Highlight all text in the Description. 
  5. Copy the text to your device. 
  6. Clear out the content using delete/backspace on your keyboard until the blinking text cursor is in the top left position. 
  7. Select in and around the Description field until the default, placeholder text appears. This may require several attempts before it shows. 
  8. Select the Clipboard Icon Screen_Shot_2018-10-02_at_12.50.15_PM.png in the text editor menu.
  9. Paste the text. 
  10. Select Submit to add the text to the Description.
  11. Select Save at the bottom of About. 

Afterwards, reload the public About page of your MassageBook Business Website to ensure that only text shows. 

Having trouble removing the code? Contact MassageBook Support for technical assistance! 

Note: Code can also appear on your MassageBook Personal Website if that text is copied from an outside source. To correct it, navigate to your Personal Profile > Listing > About

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