Why Does Facebook Show Old Photos When I Share My MassageBook Business Website?

MassageBook has your most recent changes displayed, and we are not able to control how often Facebook updates their caching, as they do not always update older cached images and text in real time.

If incorrect text displays when you paste your URL to your Facebook Business page to share your profile, simply select inside the box and modify the text.

If pictures are not up to date, the tool that Facebook has provided in order to replace their cached data is the "Object Debugger". The steps to use the tool are listed below.

  1. Copy and paste this link in your Browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/
  2. In the field marked "Input URL", copy and paste the URL for the MassageBook page you are trying to share on Facebook (your Personal Listing, for example).
  3. Select "Show Existing Scrape Information".
  4. The date and time next to "Time Scraped" will display when facebook last updated your URL's cached information.
  5. Select the button for "Fetch new scrape information".
  6. Observe the time that the latest information was scraped will display next to "Time Scraped". This will typically be in seconds, as you have just initiated an update.
  7. Scroll down and observe the image of how your profile will display when shared.

If you do not see the images update immediately, we recommended checking back within a day to see if Facebook has replaced your cached information with the most recent changes that are reflected on your MassageBook URL.

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