Do my clients have to create an account to book with my business?

MassageBook uses the listed email address for each client as his or her unique identifier to determine whether the client is existing or new. By MassageBook's definition, an existing client is someone who is in your Client List, has a valid email address on file, and uses that same email address to book online with you through MassageBook. A client is required to enter in an email address during the online booking process. If it's the first time booking with that email address, the system will prompt the client to create a MassageBook client account. The client will be required to enter in their first name, last name, email address, phone number and a password of his or her choice. If that information is not already in your account, it's automatically added to your Client List. The next time the client books online, all he or she needs to do is enter in the email address and associated password. The system will then recognize who the client is.

There are a few places where a client can sign in:

1) Via your MassageBook Business Website Address. Once the client is taken to your MassageBook page, there is a sign in option in the top right hand corner.

2) Automated messages such as confirmations and reminders. A sign in button is on those emails if the recipient already has a client account.

3) Directly through MassageBook:

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