Do Clients Have to Create an Account to Book Online?

Yes, an account is required to book online. 

A Client is asked to enter an email address during online booking. If it's the first time booking with that email address, the Client will be prompted to create an account. First name, last name, email address, phone number, and a password of their choice are required to proceed.

If one doesn't already exist, a record with that contact information will be added to your account upon completion of online booking. 

Only the email address and password are required the next time the Client books online. 

A Client can use their account to: 

  • View upcoming and past booking activity. 
  • Book a new appointment. 
  • Book a prepaid Service or Series. 
  • Reschedule an existing appointment. 
  • Cancel an existing appointment. 
  • Submit a review. 
  • Message a Business via their inbox. 
  • View available Store Credit and Gift Certificates.   

A Client can log into their account through one of the following places: 

  • The Sign In button in the upper right corner of your MassageBook Business Website. 
  • Automated emails from your Business such as Confirmations and Reminders. 
  • MassageBook's Sign In page. 


  • In order to cancel or reschedule through a Client account, it must be outside of 24 hours before the existing appointment. That restriction cannot be modified by the Business. 
  • A mobile app specifically for Clients does not exist at this time. A Client account can only be accessed through one of the aforementioned options. 
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