Can a Gift Certificate Be Redeemed at Another Location?

Each Business Profile is recognized separately, even if the Business name is the same. Each one has its own Staff, Service Menu, Schedule, Clients, and more. This includes Gift Certificates as well.

If your Business has two locations, a Gift Certificate that was purchased at Location A cannot be redeemed at Location B. The gift code will not work.

If a Client has a Gift Certificate for Location A but you want to apply the credit towards an appointment at Location B:

  • Locate and copy the code in Location A's Business Profile. 
  • Redeem the code through Location A's Cash Register so that it's no longer available for use there.
    • Enter Redeemed at Business B (or another related title if you prefer) for the Product Name. 
    • Select the Client who is redeeming the Gift Certificate when choosing one in the Cash Register. 
  • Add Store Credit in the amount of the Gift Certificate to the Client's record in Location B's Business Profile. 
  • Apply the Store Credit when checking out the appointment at Location B.
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