Adding Business Photos and Description to About

About gives you the opportunity to tell your Business's story through photos and a detailed description.

Be sure to use high quality images. Check your spelling and grammar too. This is a place to showcase your professionalism, so make it engaging and personal!

To add photos and a description, navigate to your: 

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Select About.
  4. Enter a Tagline. Choose a tagline or favorite quote that summarizes what your Business is about or what you specialize in. Examples: 'Relaxation, Wellness, Renewal', 'Relax in an Oasis of Calm', 'We Fix Broken Bodies.' 
  5. Enter a Description. Tell the story behind why you started the Business. What type of problems do your services help with? What primary services does your Business provide? What conditions are addressed? For outcall Businesses, share the cities where you provide services. Finish with a gentle but firm suggestion to book an appointment today, and offer a reason why.
  6. Select the +Camera icon. 
  7. Select Choose File to locate a photo on your device. The file format must be JPG or PNG and less than 4MB. For best quality, we recommend 640x480 pixel ratio prior to upload. At minimum, 320x240 should be used. You are limited by the original photo's size, and it may need to be cropped before resizing the photo. Not sure if your photo is sized correctly? Check out this helpful tool for resizing your photo! 
  8. Click and drag on the photo to select the area you want to use. Select Rotate to change its orientation.
  9. Select Save to return to About. 
  10. Repeat steps 6 - 9 to upload up to three more. 
  11. By default, the first photo you upload will be your primary one. To change the primary, choose your preferred photo and check Set as primary photo
  12. Select Save to complete About. 

Now that you've completed About, you're ready to add Services you offer to the Service Menu. To learn more, go here.

Note: If you edit About, such as adding new photos, the changes automatically take effect throughout MassageBook.

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