Adding a Place of Work

By default, if you're a Business Owner, your Business is added to Places of Work; therefore, it's automatically complete. 

To connect to a Business on MassageBook or add another for yourself, navigate to your:

  1. Personal Profile. 
  2. Select Listing.
  3. Select Places of Work
  4. Select +Add
  5. Select I work at this Business if you work at a Business but do not own or manage it. Enter the Business name in the search box, and suggestions will appear based on Businesses currently on MassageBook. Select the name from the dropdown, and an invitation will be sent to the Business to approve the connection. If the Business is not on MassageBook, fill in the details for the Business and an invitation to join will be sent. Note: If you work for or rent space out of an established location and you're intending to use MassageBook to organize just your own activity, select the option in step 6 instead. You can name your Business Profile whatever you prefer if you don't have a formal name. For example, Your Name @ ABC Spa. 
  6. Select I own or manage this Business if you own or manage the Business. Enter your Business name, and fill in the remaining details. A new Business Profile will be added, and you will be prompted to complete Business Setup. 

Now that you've completed Listing, take a look at what visitors will see. To learn more, go here

Alternatively, select the down arrow to the right of Personal and select Add new Business to get started creating a new Business Profile.  

What does each Listing Status and Invitation Status mean?  

  • Incomplete: The Business does not have their listing published in the Search Directory. 
  • Complete: The Business has their listing published in the Search Directory. 
  • Resend Invitation?: The Business you listed has not yet approved your request to connect. Select to resend an invite. 
  • Accepted: The Business you listed has approved your request, or you are listed as the Business owner. 
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