Adding your personal Photo and Bio

The Personal Listing gives you the opportunity to market yourself as an individual Service Provider. The best way for potential clients to connect with you is through the information your provide in the About section of your Personal Listing. 

  1. Navigate your Personal tab.
  2. Select Listing.
  3. Select About.
  4. Select Add Photo.
  5. Select Choose File.
  6. Upload your image. Click and drag on the image to select an area to use for your picture. You also have the ability to change the orientation of your photo using the Rotate button.  

    Note: The Filetype of your photo must be one of the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png. For the best quality, we recommend 640 x 480 pixel ratio for your photo prior to upload. At minimum, 320 x 240 pixels should be used. Keep in mind, you are limited by the original photo's design, and it may need to be cropped before resizing the photo. Not sure if your photo is sized correctly? Check out this helpful tool for resizing your photo! 

  7. Select Save.
  8. Enter a Tagline or favorite quote. The Tagline or favorite quote on your Personal Listing is meant to generate interest in who you are as an individual and add character to your Personal Listing. Examples: ‘Massage Therapist. Life Changer.’, ‘Relaxation Crusader.’, ‘Reiki Master.’, ‘Passionate about healthy living.’
  9. Add your personal Bio. The biography on your Personal Listing expands upon the tagline or favorite quote you have in your profile to explain who you are as an individual, what you’re passionate about, etc. This will give clients an idea of who they’re booking with. This is your place to showcase yourself as a massage and bodywork professional! Make it engaging and personal, but try to keep it short, sweet and don’t forget to check your spelling!
  10. Select Save and Next to continue to the next section of your Listing!

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