Understanding your Business Listing

You will complete your Business Listing in the same manner that you created a Personal Listing. All businesses create a free website that is displayed as a Listing in the MassageBook Search Directory, allowing website visitors to view and search for businesses near them. If you own the business you work for, you'll set up the Business Listing. If you work at a business on MassageBook, the business owner will complete this setup and approve your invitation to be listed as a Staff member of the business. If the business you work for is not on MassageBook, and invitation will be sent to them inviting them to complete a Business Listing on MassageBook. Please be sure to complete your Personal Listing first before proceeding to your Business Listing setup! 

Your Business Listing houses everything needed to drive clients to your table and run your daily operations! Features include: Online Booking, Reviews, Client Management, SOAP Notes, Custom Intake Forms, Email Campaigns, Gift Certificates, Staff Management, Sales and Reporting, and more! 


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