Understanding your Personal Listing

When people are looking for their next massage or bodywork session, what they really want to know is who will be working on them. Your individual profile on MassageBook will tell them. Whether your a solo practice owner, or are employed at a business, you’ll benefit from having your personal profile on MassageBook. While some directories just list businesses, we make it a point to allow people to search by business OR by individual practitioner.

Using easy to use filters, people can quickly find bodyworkers with the skills they need. Whether they’re looking for sports massage, prenatal massage, thai massage or reflexology, finding qualified individuals on the MassageBook directory is easy.

Do you ever find it awkward to tell people about yourself in person, and share what makes you great? Let your personal profile do the work for you. Your profile has areas to share details about your education, license, accomplishments and certifications, and even an area to tell your story.

Don’t be shy. We make it ok to share the amazing individual you are. If you’re like many massage therapists and bodyworkers, you may work at multiple places, and even if you do work at a single business, you may not work at the same place for the rest of your career.

If the business where you work uses MassageBook, you’ll receive and collect personal reviews. The business gets theirs too, but your reviews are yours to keep forever. Your hard work deserves to be recognized, and you deserve to hang on to that recognition.

Once people look over your personal profile and feel like you’re exactly what they’re looking for, we help you turn that interest into an appointment by showing folks where you work.

If the business uses MassageBook, they can book you online immediately. If the business doesn’t use Massagebook, visitors can still send you or the business an appointment request by email.

When you first login to your MassageBook account, you will see prompts that will take you through each step to complete your Listing. Upon completion of your Personal Listing, you will be live in the MassageBook Search Directory. If you do not want to be listed in the MassageBook Search Directory, you can toggle this setting off.

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