Adding your Business Details

The information provided under the Business Details section will be used in the display of your Business Listing on the MassageBook search directory. Enter contact information about your business here. The city, state, and zip code provided will ensure people searching in your geographic area on MassageBook can find your business! 

Business Name

This is the name that displays on your public Business Listing and all communication that is sent out on behalf of your business. 

Establishment License

Some state, cities, or municipalities require massage establishments to display an Establishment License on anything they use to promote or advertise their business. If your business operates in one of these areas, please add that license (prefixes like MM# included) to the field here so we can display it on your profile.


If you do not want your business' address to be viewed publicly on your Business Listing, specify that your business as Outcall so that only the city and state display. This allows you to be listed in the MassageBook Search Directory and/or for clients to book online while still keeping your address hidden.

Contact Information

Your business phone number will display publicly on your Business Listing. For this reason, we do not recommend placing a personal cell phone number in this area. The email address listed does not display publicly nor is it included in any email communication sent on behalf of your business. All emails notifications generated for your business, including booking notifications, gift certificate purchases, Staff invitations, etc. will be sent to the email address listed. 

Your MassageBook Business Website Address is a direct link to your Business Listing. You can use it to advertise your listing through social media, email, business cards, etc. We provide each business with a unique address to determine whether a client is booking through our directory or an external source. MassageBook recognizes that clients are booking through an external source if they book through your website address. Therefore, the new client referral status does not apply to clients booking online using an email not on file in your account.

Social Business Links

If your business has a Facebook or Twitter page, add it here! The address listed will be used in Autopilot campaigns that generate traffic to your existing social media pages. 

Business Hours

Business hours in MassageBook are for display on your Business Listing only. MassageBook wants to make sure we offer you flexibility in your schedule.  We understand you have standard business hours, but what really matters when checking for availability is whether you or your Staff is available for an appointment. That's why MassageBook looks at the sum of all individual Staff Availability to determine what times may actually be booked. If you are the only Staff member for your business, the hours entered here will automatically be added to your Personal Availability. 

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