Adding your Personal Details

The information provided under the My Details section will be used in the display of your Personal Listing on the search directory. Enter basic information about yourself here. The city, zipcode and gender provided will ensure people searching in your geographic area on can find you. 


Your address does not display on your Personal Listing, but the accuracy of this address is critical because it's used to generate a Google map that displays listings for clients searching for services near you. 


Public visitors looking for services may have a gender preference. By selecting your gender here, you’ll show up when public users perform a custom search with Gender as a criteria.

MassageBook website shortcut

You can customize the shortcut to your personal website here. When you want to share your site, this is the URL to use. Please only use letters and dashes. By default, your name will populate in this section. If the name you enter for your website is already associated with another Personal Listing, you will be prompted to make another selection. 

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